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Pharmax Nutriceuticals
(Formerly XPN Nutriceuticals, LLC)

Pharmax Nutriceuticals was founded in New Castle County, Delaware, USA in 2007 by a group of physicians and researchers who have a firm belief in “nutriceuticals”, an alternative medical approach that provides medical and health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.

For that reason, Pharmax Nutriceuticals was one of the very first laboratories in the country to entirely dedicate itself to researching and formulating premium nutriceuticals, which have helped millions of people live healthier and happier. And to ensure the potency of our products, we do not have any cost-reduction policies on raw materials; this allows us to use only premium, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients at clinically-proven effective dosages nutriceutically processed by world-class pharmaceutical factories in North America and Asia.

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3 Reasons

Why are XPN Pharmax Nutriceuticals products clearly superior?

1. Potency

       - our products are extensively backed by clinical studies published in world-class international journals.

2. Quality

       - we only use pharmaceutical grade ingredients and state-of-the-art, industry-leading pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

3. Safety

      - our products are toxicologically classified as “Extremely Safe” so it's safe even with long-term consumption.

Our pledges

The Pharmax Advantages

Pharmax is synonym with pharmaceutically-engineered anti-aging nutriceuticals. Such recognition is derived through product experience which is unlike anything else on the market. At Pharmax, one of our most distinguishing features and pledges to consumers is product efficacy. We don’t sell products that lack (or have insufficient) scientific evidence and therefore do not live up to the claims.

Pharmax Nutriceutals represents the blend of pharmaceutical manufacturing and research with accessibility and availability of consumer supplement products. To clearly understand our differences, let’s first see what’s wrong with most consumer supplement products.

Our Products

Nutriceutically researched, developed and tested in Delaware, USA.

          How is Pharmax Different?

          Comparing Pharmax Nutriceuticals to consumer supplements is like comparing apples to oranges. Premium nutriceuticals require much greater care from R&D, sourcing, manufacturing, all the way to your hands. These are our differences you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

          • Extensive active ingredient research

            We only produce products that have solid clinical studies and research to back them up. We do not and will not sell products with inadequate scientific evidences.

          • Purity and Potency Tests

            Every single batch of Pharmax products must be laboratory tested with Vitrovo – Pharmax’s proprietary research methodology that combines clinical research with real-world usage and results.

          • Product Formulation

            Our products are pharmaceutically formulated by Pharmax Nutriceuticals . Our formulations and recommended dose are based on clinical studies

          • Material Sourcing

            Quality of raw materials ranges from non-human grade to pharmaceutical grade. We only use top quality pharmaceutical grade materials to ensure potency and purity of our products.

          • Quality Control, Packaging and Storage

            At Pharmax, even the smallest things must be taken care of, our packages are humidity-tested, after that they will be stored in our temperature-controlled pharmaceutical warehouses to ensure superior quality of the products

          • Manufacturing Plants and Processes

            Pharmax products are manufactured by GMP and ISO certified world-class pharmaceutical factories