The Pharmax differences

For consumers, Pharmax is synonym with pharmaceutically-engineered anti-aging nutriceuticals. Such recognition is derived through product experience which is unlike anything else on the market. At Pharmax, one of our most distinguishing features and pledges to consumers is product efficacy. We don’t sell products that lack (or have insufficient) scientific evidence and therefore do not live up to the claims.


Pharmax Nutriceutals represents the blend of pharmaceutical manufacturing and research with accessibility and availability of consumer supplement products. To clearly understand our differences, let’s first see what’s wrong with most consumer supplement products.


The consumer supplement flaws

    1. Unproven Ingredients

It is very important that active ingredients must be extensively researched to ensure their efficacy and safety. The consumer supplement market has been flooded with hypes and fads because manufacturers want to make fast money without solid science behind their products. This is why most consumer supplements simply don’t work.

   2. Dosage

Clinically proven dosage is as important as clinically proven ingredients. Although active ingredients themselves might have been well researched, without adequate and appropriate amount of such ingredients, they will be virtually ineffective. Most consumer supplement companies, if not all, know how much it takes to deliver their promised benefits; unfortunately, their cost-saving policies force them to trim down the dose in exchange for increased margins. Obviously, it’s their gain, but your loss.



    3. Deceptive blends

It is a fact that most consumers seek for the so-called “Bang-for-the-bucks”, how do most consumer supplement companies respond to this? They put everything they can possibly think of, using the least possible amount (except the cheap ones), into their products and call it “a proprietary blend”. Such products claim themselves to be almost like a magic pill due to a large number of ingredients they put in it.  But then again, at the end of the day it all comes down to the ingredients and the dose, most of the deceptive-blend products may have less than 5% of the amount that is really needed, making them “ineffective”. For instance, 10mg of L-Glutamine per serving is almost like a joke when 2000mg is a clinically-proven dose for L-Glutamine to increase the level of HGH

   4. Impurities

Consumer supplements can be manufactured everywhere, from leading pharmaceutical factories to the owners’ backyards, which greatly affects the quality, potency and purity of the products.


   5. Counterfeiting

At first glance, given that consumers are not very experienced, it is nearly impossible for consumers to distinguish the real ones from the fake ones, and there are a plenty of them on the market.

   6. NO FDA

Approval from FDA is very important, how can you be sure that the product is safe and really contains what’s on the label?