What’s Nutriceuticals

By Definition, nutriceutical is a coined word, crossing the word nutritional and pharmaceuticals. It is a nutrient with drug-like properties designed for specific clinical purpose(s). However, nutriceuticals are sold on the market as health foods for general consumption to be used as “supplements” to nutrition (diet).

The effectiveness of premium-grade nutriceuticals is clearly evidenced by a growing number of doctors prescribing nutriceuticals to their patients as a supplementary treatment for varied diseases, for instance, cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and etc. Thus, nutriceuticals are becoming more widely accepted as an adjunct to conventional therapies.




 At Pharmax Nutriceuticals

One of our most distinguishing features and pledges to consumers that sets us apart from the rest of the nutriceutical market is product efficacy. We will not sell products that lack (or have insufficient) scientific evidence and therefore do not live up to the claims. All products bearing the Pharmax brand are backed by solid clinical research and Vitrovo – Pharmax’s proprietary research methodology that combines clinical research with real-world usage and results.

Our passion for nutriceutical research & development and commitment to product efficacy, safety and quality have brought us an overwhelming success. Which is why within only two years of establishment, XPN Laboratories has transformed itself from an “R&D” center into a manufacturer of premium nutriceuticals and introduced its sub-brand (Pharmax Nutriceuticals) in response to consumers’ requests for premium nutriceuticals geared towards beauty and anti-aging applications.